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Advertise with DPH


If you have a product or service of interest to Aquarium hobbyists, Discus Page Holland could be an ideal place for you to advertise! It offers a targeted, growing audience and extremely competitive rates!


Since it "officially" opened in June of 1996, traffic to the Discus Page Holland site has been increasing steadily; the site is now visited by well over 3,500 individuals each day. An up-to-date access log report is available on request . More importantly, its visitors form a well-defined target audience, as they are typically fanciers and keepers of the Discus fish or other Tropical fish. If those are the people you're looking for, DPH is a great place to look!

Advertising Rates:

It is possible to place a banner of 468 x 60 pixels in jpg, gif or flash format with a maximum file size of 15 Kb (The smaller the better! They'll load faster, and are thus more likely to be seen!).
The jpg and gif banners give information about how many people have clicked on them.
A flash banner however can only be displayed. The flash file must have the URL embedded.

All banner options can be seen in the advertising program which also gives information about how many exposures they receive on the DPH network (excluding the Flash banners).

In short, each banner on the DPH network will have a minimum of 5000 exposures a month in a banner rotation.

You can take a banner for a minimum of 3 months and that will cost 100 Euro or 6 months and that will cost 175 Euro or you can take a banner for 1 year which will cost you 300 Euro.

3  Months 100 Euro
6  Months 175 Euro
12 Months 300 Euro

Other Information:

Payment must be made for all advertisements 100% in advance. I reserve the right to reject any advertisement.

If you have additional questions, or are interested in buying advertising space, please e-mail me


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