What happend

What happend

What happend
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Look at the Marlboro pair

What happened before?

Before Christmas 1999 I decided to rebuild my tank. This was because I wanted to make a new back wall. Temporarily I placed my adult Discus with a friend and put all the little fish in the quarantine tank. A few days before Christmas I finished with the tank and after some days with water in it I refreshed the water and connected it to my biological filter. The filter was not stopped from running at the time, I gave it a partial feeding :-)) so the bacteria wouldn't die.
I filled the tank with plants and the little fish. And the tank is now waiting for some new fish, Discus fish I mean.

In the mean time I cleaned the quarantine tank for testing a webcam. Well, this all happened in the weekend of Christmas and everything worked fine (all must be started with the hand, and on that point I am working at the moment). Now it was time to visit my friend (who has some fish from me swimming) to take a couple. I choose the Marlboro reds because they have spawning signs and I didn't know if it was a good couple.

But what I didn't suspect happened. The fish where 2 days in the tank and they are shaking around, in regular tap water. When I tested the webcam I decided that it would not be online before everything worked the way I wanted. But this was a unique happening for a lot of people so I placed the webcam online. How exiting!!! The first live spawning on the Internet.

Join the history.

The eggs weren't fertilized but watch the webcam, it will happen before you know it!!!!!!

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